New York Light Energy –Affordable Solar PV

Join us as we lead New Yorkers to embrace affordable solar PV generators and solar home systems that are cheaper than grid power. New York Light Energy is dedicated to providing resources and empowering residents with information they need to transition from grid or dirty-fuel sources to clean renewable solar power. We provide info on installers, solar panel brand recommendations, cost calcuators and estimation tools and NY state info you need to know regarding tax incentives.


Solar PV Generators

Rely entirely on off-grid power by getting solar PV generators available in the State. Solar PV generators come with panels designed to enable you to fully rely on solar to power all your systems at home

Solar PV Chargers

Solar PV chargers are often portable options that enable you to charge your devices from phones to computers. Whether you are travelling or just want an easy-to-access chargers, rely on the top brands we recommend that are available here in the State

Solar PV Gear

From solar lights, solar lamps, solar watches, solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar pools and much more. You can rely on New York Light Energy free resources to learn which brand to get and why. 

You can save 30 to 35% in New York State by Going Full Solar


Are there tax incentives in NY for investing in Solar

Yes, New York provides tax incentives that residents can take advantage of. US Federal government also has incentives to motivate citizens to invest in solar.